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Miss Eatwell Parm Hoodie

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Customer Reviews

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Laura Gable
My dad died…

I put this parmsuit on immediately after my dad’s funeral for maximum comfort. He died from pancreatic cancer 9 days after diagnosis, similar to HKM. Anyway, perfection of comfort and leisure with a side of grief.

Hi Laura,

Our hearts go out to you in the loss of your father. We're honored that our product provided you even a moment of comfort on such a hard day. I think parmsuits are definitely dad-approved.

Appreciate You,

Julie L

I love love love my Parmsuit. I waited a good long while (at least 1.5 years) to get in at the right time so the anticipation was high, fortunately -cos it ain't cheap- it fully lived up to the hype. Wearing the suit makes me giggle, I appreciate the myriad details, and I get a kick out of having a garment that expresses my adoration for parmesan. I am highly amused that another human thought this up and created it. Fun.
Ok, so onto more helpful information for those perusing the comments like I did before I purchased the suit. I'm not an online shopper so I was nervous about getting the sizes wrong. I ordered a schmedium for both my hoodie and pants. I am 5'5', have an hourglass figure, and wear sizes 10-12. The hoodie is very roomy and feels like a "large" medium. I found it too long, so I had my tailor shorten it by a couple of inches so that it sits higher on my hips. The pants feel like a "small" medium. I like my sweats to be roomy so I could have gone with a medium but then the leg would have been too long and it would have been too baggy, so I'm content with the schmedium.
The fabric is thinner than I expected for the price, it doesn't look cheap though, rather it means it's a three season suit rather than a winter one.
It's for sure pricey, but the detailing, supporting an independent business (I think?!), and the uniqueness of the piece makes it justifiable.
Y'all get that I really like this sweatsuit right?!
Hope this helps!
Enjoy : )

Love the Hoodie and T shirt!

Ordered the Miss Eatwell Logo Tee and the Parm hooded sweatshirt. So comfortable and soft. Very comfortable material.

Becca D
Love love love!

I had this in my cart for so long when I finally bought it I have no regrets it’s so amazing! The details and the embroidery are so so good! Will be back for more!

Amy Dagnal

Soft, high quality.