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2023.01.19 Winesuit Launch + Note on Pre-Sale Model

2023.01.19 Winesuit Launch + Note on Pre-Sale Model

Hi there!

First, the Winesuit pre-sale is live! We launched a second color featuring white wine, and we're PSYCHED about how these have turned out.

Second, we heard your feedback on the Tiramisuits and are pleased to announce that these Winesuits will fit like the originals (as well as the Parmsuits) did. We also tweaked the fabric so that this is the softest product we've put out. Thank you so much for letting us know when you want something changed; we will always consider your opinion. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, and it always will be.

While I have you, I wanted to explain the pre-sale model. When I started this company, I did so with a business credit card with a low limit, and my (low amount of) personal savings, and that's it. I didn't know if anyone would buy anything, and I didn't have any money, so I made everything to order after it was purchased. There is also something to be said about this model's effect on the environment, as we are not making more than we need and putting undue stress on this fragile ecosystem that is deteriorating more and more daily. We're also not selling out of our bestselling items in 20 minutes, leaving 90% of our customer base without the stuff they want, like many brands love to do.

We also wanted to show appreciation for your patience in pre-ordering a suit. We're throwing in a double-wall vacuum-insulated Yeti-style wine tumbler with every full suit pre-sold. 

As the company grew, we tried to move away from that model because Amazon has trained the world to want everything two days after they order it, myself included. Unfortunately, the demand for most of our drops outpaced our funding, especially in the beginning. Our costs were very high to produce these suits, and although we have found ways to reduce costs slightly as we buy more, they remain costly. I was under the impression that the money we brought in on these sales would be enough to foster the growth that I envisioned for the brand. However, every dollar that came in went to production and operations and left very little for marketing or new hires. And as I mentioned before, the first time we tried to have product in stock, we bought very heavily on the Black Suits for Black Friday 2021, and it backfired spectacularly, causing us to go back to pre-sales to avoid this happening again.

With that said, I am working my ass off to try and transition to a model where we can buy stock in advance. My goal is to secure some outside funding to re-stock the items you love, create a lot more that you will love, and hire some people to help take the load off of myself and Rebecca. I've been working 60-80 hours a week almost weekly since I started this company three years ago, and I'm fucking tired. I love what I do and will continue to do it for as long as I am physically and financially able, but I would be lying if I said I wasn't worn down.

It's Chinese New Year until the end of this month, so our production is on pause until 2/1. We will be getting these finished as quickly as humanly (and humanely--everyone on our production partner's staff earns a living wage and works reasonable hours) possible, and we are hoping to ship them in early March, with mid-March being the latest. I hope you are having the best day ever, and I appreciate you with every ounce of my heart.



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  • Hello World!


  • Hello World!


  • Britt

    Sending love. That’s it. It has been a pleasure watching Mr. Eatwell grow and stay authentic.
    Cheers to 2023

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