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2022.11.11 Message from Matt


I hope time has treated you well since my last message. As you can see, the headline here is that we’re selling sweatshirts and joggers for the lowest amount we ever have. I wanted to give you some background on these suits and shed some light on why we’re offering $40 sweatsuits when our stuff tends to cost substantially more normally. 

In March of last year, we launched the Parmsuit, and my life changed in a day. We sold 500 of them, and I both realized that this could be a viable business and that I needed to (and was immediately able to) hire someone to help me run the company, which at that point was only me. I found Brooke, the now-COO of MR EATWELL, soon after that, and now there are two of us. We have production and distribution partners, and Lisa helps with some design stuff (she made the graphic at the top of this e-mail!) part-time, but as far as full-time employees, it’s just Brooke and me. 

But, as usual, I digress. So we launched Parmsuit, Winesuit, and Martinisuit, and all did well. Things were good. We were on track to do over 10x 2020 sales in 2021. However, we wanted to try and move away from the pre-sale model because we know it’s difficult to wait a couple of months for these suits, especially since Amazon has trained us all to expect everything within 2 hours, lol. We decided to make a LOT of suits for a big Black Friday 2021 Sale. We decided on Black Suits for Black Friday and had a production partner that we worked with to make Slides make them. We moved production overseas and ordered the highest quantities we had ever produced so that they would cost less than something like a Parmsuit. Based on our previous sales and Heather’s reach, we were optimistic that we could sell thousands of these suits. Well, in short, we were wrong. Several events affected our sales:

  1. Heather got shadow-banned by IG the day before Thanksgiving for making a joke about an orgy. This absurd ban (Thanks, Zuck!) meant that instead of her stories and posts being seen by, let’s say, 250,000 people, the algorithm showed them to 25,000. 
  2. Part of our order got held up outside of a port in California because, at that time, COVID had caused the biggest shipping logjam of our lifetimes, resulting in delays that affected customer experience and stock levels.
  3. In a race to get everything done and received stateside before Thanksgiving, we fast-tracked the sample approval process and missed some sizing details that again affected customer experience. Most notably, the calf area of the Joggers was tighter than our usual fit, which is pretty relaxed. 

All of this means that we took a gamble, and it fucked us in a big way. We had spent the majority of our cash on hand on these suits, and we sold a fraction of what we were expecting during the holiday season last year. This miscalculation had a ripple effect and derailed plans we had for 2022: to hire more people, restock customer favorites like Parmsuit and Winesuit, continue to produce overseas at costs that allowed us to make money on our stuff, not rely as heavily on pre-sales, and release a ton of cool new shit. 

We have been trying to dig out of this hole all year and still have a ways to go. The primary method for us to do this is to sell the stock on hand and regain liquidity. This very long story brings us to our sale. We still have a lot of Black Suits left. We paid more than $20/piece for these items, but at this point, if I’m being candid (which, at this point, I clearly am already), we have to sell them, even at a loss. I mentioned above the sizing issue. Aside from that, these are SOLID sweatsuits. They’re super high quality, and I stand by them 100%. That said, please consult the size chart before ordering, and if you are on the border, please size up. Since we are selling these at a loss, and we lose money already on returns and exchanges, these will be final sale. If you have sizing questions, please hit the live chat on the site, e-mail (you can even reply to this e-mail), or slide into the DMs.

I want to do this for a living forever, and I think we'll be able to right the ship and figure out a way to do that. But, I'm gonna be honest, selling these suits would be a big step in the right direction! So this is all a long way of saying, “PLEASE BUY THESE SUITS! They’re an incredible gift for you or someone you love, and they’re under $50, including shipping for an entire sweatsuit.” 

I love and appreciate you more than I could ever express; you are the only reason I’ve been able to live this dream for the past few years, and hopefully, you will be the reason I’m able to continue doing so. 



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