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2023.12.2 FlashWell Press Release

2023.12.2 FlashWell Press Release

We're thrilled to share that local designer and Founder of MR EATWELL Matt Rebackoff and renowned tattoo/graffiti/mural artist Ken Cox have collaborated to create Flashwell Kismet Co-Op: a new, vibrant retail experience on Magazine Street. This unique store showcases MR EATWELL's original apparel and Ken's famous tattoo art and offers an eclectic mix of home decor, candy, savory snacks, and cold drinks. It's a journey into Ken and Matt's minds through their work, their friends' work, and their favorite things.

FlashWell Kismet Co-Op uniquely combines fashion, art of all forms, treats, and home goods homegreats. We've introduced extended appointment-based shopping outside regular hours until Christmas, alongside custom embroidery services and gift wrapping. This innovative retail concept promises an immersive experience, and we invite you to explore it. Interviews with Matt and Ken are available upon request to delve into their creative journey.

Holiday Shopping at Flashwell Kismet Co-Op: A New Retail Concept on Magazine Street

What: The Opening of FlashWell Kismet Co-Op

  • Unique Offerings: Exclusive MR EATWELL apparel, including King Cake Gear and popular collaborations with Cafe Du Monde, Truly, Crystal Hot Sauce, Duke's Mayonnaise, Perrier, Heather McMahan, and Chloe Fineman.
  • A diverse range of products includes T-shirts, sweatshirts, and sweatpants combos, decorative items, furniture (from's famous collection of mid-century greatness and the collections of the founders and Claire Mangano, MR EATWELL & FlashWell's secret weapon and behind-the-scenes badass), savory snacks, and cold drinks.
  • Embroidered Monogramming and on-site gift wrapping.
  • Custom tattoo sessions with Ken Cox, known for his two-decades-long graffiti writing career and 16-year career in tattooing, developing a distinctive neo-psychedelic tattoo style, and launching collaborations with local businesses such as Turkey and the Wolf, Sukeban, and Humidity Skate Shop, and major brands Red Bull, Tullamore Dew, and Lowe's
  • Matt Rebackoff, the driving force behind MR EATWELL, launched the brand in early 2020, quickly gaining popularity for its leisurewear and catching the attention of celebrities like Heather McMahan for collaborative collections, who helped spread his then-3-old company to the masses. His work reflects a deep love for comfort and consumable goodness. While the origins of the brand lie in food and drink, he is passionate about changing the conversation around mental healthcare, using his platform and items from his Destigmatize Mental Illness Collection.

  • A groundbreaking store concept blending local fashion, art, tattoos, and diverse products for a festive shopping experience.


  • Extended appointment-based shopping is available from now until Christmas.
  • We are participating in the Magazine Street Holiday Champagne Stroll on Saturday, December 2, from 4 to 8 pm.


  • 5422 Magazine St., New Orleans, Louisiana 70115
Discover MR EATWELL's collection on our website and follow FlashWell's journey on Instagram. Check out @mr_eatwell and Ken Cox's artistic endeavors @flashyken. Contact:
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